New year new …blog!

So I’ve been telling myself for a long time that I’m going to get back online and into the social media scene, make a website or start a blog for some time now. However, it just hasn’t seemed to really work for me so far. I haven’t really had a subject or content that I have a passion about or that I have been inspired to keep up.

After a few false starts, I sought inspiration and came up with the idea for this blog. In order to make sure I make this venture successful I decided to consult a friend of mine (who claims to be a blogger…hopefully you’ll hear from her soon as she’s also agreed to contribute to this blog) and now I think I’m finally ready to present…

Entheos or ἔνθεος

…Entheos? What’s that? …well firstly I should tell you it’s pronounced én•tʰe•os

So let’s now move on to the etymology (origin of the word): Well its Ancient Greek from the root words “En” or “ἔν” which means “in” and “θεός” or “theós” which means “god”…so obviously it means in god! (well, not quite)

…now I’ll define it, what does ἔνθεος ‎(éntheos) actually mean? It means having a god in one; possessed or inspired by a god.

If it hasn’t dawned on you by now, what I’m saying to you is, this blog is inspired by God.

Okay Mr Fancy Greek Title what’s your blog about?

Well that’s a very good question Italic Question Asker! This blog is to be a showcase of whatever God inspires me to share, so it could be a word that I feel God has laid on my heart to share, my quiet times, social commentary as well as bits and pieces of my journey as a Christian. I also fancy myself as a bit of a photographer so I also want to try and add a lot of images that I’ve taken; both edited and unedited.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to you being a part of this journey with me.


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